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OACUSA Constitution

Mission Statement

The Ontario Association of College and University Security Administrators (OACUSA) is the voice and trusted advisor for the post-secondary public safety profession in Ontario through engagement, advocacy, partnerships and professional standards.


Goals and Objectives

To support the Association’s mission by:  

  • providing a forum to discuss common interests and concerns;
  • proactively promoting community awareness and involvement in making our campuses safe and secure;

  • establishing and maintaining formal mechanisms for on-going sharing of information regarding policies, procedures and reports;

  • developing and maintaining a common format for the standard reporting of occurrence statistics;

  • reviewing legislation and regulatory developments which affect personal safety and security operations on campus;

  • providing advice and information to appropriate organizations on safety and security matters of mutual concern; and

  • initiating appropriate activities, such as research, reports, position statements, professional development,  establish/develop industry standards and best practices, and other programs related to campus safety and security.

Our History

On May 8, 2002 the First Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Association of College and University Security Administrators was held. Founding members included Mark Tinlin, University of Western Ontario; Howard Pearce, Queens University; Yvon McNicol, University of Ottawa; Tony Morgan, Algonquin College and Al MacKenzie, University of Waterloo.


As with any new organization, it was not clear sailing getting OACUSA started. There were a few who expressed concerns about formalizing a group and debated whether or not colleges should be included. However, perseverance paid off. As the group started working through issues and developing the constitution, other institutions joined in including York University, University of Windsor, Brock University, Laurentian University, University of Toronto, Sheridan College and Seneca College.

The mission statement was, “The Ontario Association of College and University Security Administrators strives to promote a safe secure learning and working environment and to enhance the safety of person and security of property at Ontario Colleges and Universities. The Association will provide a forum for communication, cooperation and information exchange on all matters related to community safety and security on member campuses.”


Through the years, OACUSA has continued to grow. Today there are 112 Institutional and Associate members representing 38 Ontario colleges and universities. An annual conferences is hosted at member institutions in the spring each year. The conference offers our members an opportunity to share their knowledge, network with one another and hear guest speakers on current and relevant topics.

Past Presidents

Brian Billings (2020 - 2022)

Carleton University

David Jastrubecki (2018 - 2020)

Niagara College

Kirsty Bradley-McMurtrie (2016-2018)

Conestoga College

Steve Bernique (2014-2016)

University of Ottawa

Terry Sullivan (2010-2014)

McMaster University

Rod Curran (2006-2010)

Wilfrid Laurier University

Bob Cowper (2004-2006)

University of Windsor

Louise Fish (2002-2004)

Queen's University

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